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Filament Syfter is a category-defining Market Data Integration & Interrogation platform (MDI) allowing Private Markets firms to integrate every possible market data source to streamline market intelligence, originate the best deals and operationalise their knowledge management

Automate & scale your research and deal origination function

The Syfter platform brings together all your data into a single 360 degree company view


Choose the most important one million companies for your firm to track. Choose the patchwork quilt of data to gain 100% market coverage in terms of breadth and depth. Disambiguate data so the right data feeds into the right company profile in your database.


Tune the signals you want to interrogate for active and passive users. Leverage the market’s most advanced analytics and workflow management tooling.


Keep using your CRM for task mgmt on your 20,000 closest relationships. By integrating Syfter at the top of the pipe, allows you to pump live, curated data into your CRM to bring it back to life.

Implement a proprietary data platform within weeks, not months

Implementing Syfter hugely accelerates your time to value. Here’s the steps involved:
Step 1

Syfter is deployed as an empty database, within your firewall

Step 2

Choose the one million companies you want to track

Step 3

Activate the third-party data sources that you use within your firm

Step 4

Integrate your internal data via CRM / Sharepoint integrations

Step 5

Apply custom scoring on companies & news via rules or machine learning

Step 6

Be alerted to new opportunities and key events around your companies of interest

Pre-built connectors to your favourite data sources:

Integrate all your current data subscriptions and internal data sources into Syfter to create the most powerful company profiles.
Capital IQ integration
Sourcescrub integration
Orbis integration
Gain pro integration
DueDil integration
Salesforce integration
Crunchbase integration
Dealroom Integration

Filament Syfter empowers our clients to integrate, interrogate and enrich heterogeneous market data to operationalise knowledge in an investment firm.

To interrogate and enrich, we bring world-class expertise in the application of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning based on a decade of R&D. The following models can be configured with the custom ML services:

Sector classifications

Tune the sector classification to your nomenclature

Scoring models

Use ML or custom rules to score each company against your investment thesis

Similar company models

Tune the similar companies logic to suit your use-case

In-year financial predictions

For example, predict in year revenue from headcount and sector data

Custom news classification

Classify news into signals that are relevant to your firm, such as board management changes / ESG / Growth.

Group structure models

Tweak the rules that Syfter uses to consolidate group structures into a single profile

Business outcomes Syfter provides:

Competitive Advantage

Dramatically accelerate your data-led transformation strategy, building in more competitive advantage as data and AI assets are accumulated, informing future investment strategies.

Coverage & Efficacy

Improves efficiency and performance by assimilating all external data sources into one place. A tailored 360 degree view of one million companies and tuned to navigate group structure


Expedite and automate the proactive research needed to identify targets in your sectors, themes and taxonomy, building a recommendation engine to find new targets ahead of competitors. e.g. for one Syfter client, this has directly led to additional deals of Eur 140M.

Pipeline Insight

Structured way of managing your investment universe and market maps, while also passively monitoring companies already in your pipeline with live updates through alerts and signals.

Market Insight

Extend reach, tracking and interrogation of market movements by competitors, advisors and portfolio companies, plus originating bolt-ons.

Brand Value

A value-add data capability that can be marketed to LPs, portfolio companies and management teams.

Just some of the Private Equity and Corporate Finance firms we are innovating with:

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The team at Filament brings you the category-defining Market Data Integration platform for Private Markets. Book a walkthrough to see how the Syfter platform could work for you.

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