Deal Origination and M&A data platform for Private Equity Firms.

As competition for deals intensifies, forward-looking firms are seeking to adopt multiple sources of data and intelligence along with advanced analytics and workflow management tools in an effort to carve out a competitive advantage.

Syfter has been built to deliver on this need.


With Syfter we’re empowering origination teams to significantly boost their productivity.

We do this by bringing together their favourite data sources into one place with Syfter’s powerful prebuilt connectors and working with firms using our data science capability to train machine learning models to help them discover and track companies of interest.

Just some of the Private Equity firms we are innovating with:

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Syfter has been built for Private Equity firms who are looking to improve the efficacy and efficiency of their sector research, business intelligence gathering and lead generation.

The Syfter suite of technologies has been created to automate a significant portion of company discovery and monitoring tasks for analysts and researchers in private equity firms by combining data from multiple sources and training machine learning models to produce insights that match the firm's proprietary investment strategies.

Pre-built connectors to your favourite data sources:

Integrate all your current data subscriptions and internal data sources into Syfter to create the most powerful company profiles.
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Automate & scale your research and origination function.

We have developed a range of new technologies that allow you to monitor key signals within unstructured data, match and disambiguate companies to third-party sources and ingest company data at scale.

Company Website Scraping & Monitoring

We scrape news direct from millions of company websites, social media, public data sites and RSS feeds.

News Signal and Sector Classification

Pre-loaded with 25 signal models like board changes, territory growth, ESG, product launches or financial distress.

Company Matching and Disambiguation

Our AI disambiguates references to that company under different names or brands, e.g. "ACME", "ACME Limited"

Work with us to configure a version of our pre- built suite of tools, or integrate it into your own solution via our comprehensive APIs. Host on your own cloud or on-premise servers.

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Customise Syfter to make it proprietary to you - your competitive advantage.

We work with our clients to train unique algorithms to surface the signals and information that's important to them. These algorithms are of course fully owned by each client we work with.

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Syfter AI – Automating Deal Origination for Private Equity Firms
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