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Sifting the web using AI to track weak signals from your companies & sectors of interest

Syfter AI ingests company websites and the sources of news relevant to you in near real-time. Using NLP, Machine Learning, data scraping and ingestion

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Why our clients ♡ syfter

Syfter is the first AI powered research platform that is able to monitor and detect both public and private companies or topics across multiple data sources.

Syfter also allows you to run your own custom machine learning models against the data ingested, allowing you to gain competitive advantage with your own unique take on the output of the data and soft signals you want to detect. As Syfter is backed by a world leading AI consultancy, we can also help you build new models that can be used within Syfter and also throughout your wider business, bottling your teams origination or research thesis and ultimately giving your organisation valuable Intellectual Property and your competitive edge.


Private Equity

With Syfter we’ve empowered origination teams to significantly boost their productivity and track companies through the investment funnel with real-time insight



We’ve configured Syfter to help Pharma clients discover hot new innovations in the world of Pharma Tech, staying on top of a rapidly evolving ecosystem

Our core technology

We use the latest innovations in the AI / Machine Learning industry to build powerful models that help to bring back the best results.

Recommendation Engine

At the core of Syfter is a recommendation engine that continuously learns what content and companies are most relevent to your campaign.

Company Modelling

Using content from company websites, Syfter builds a model of each company, extracting keywords and concepts to help the platform get a deep understanding of each company. It also classifies the company into a sector.

Company Matching

Using the company models, Syfter is able to match company mentions within third-party sources. It does this via fuzzy matching and by analysing terminology used within a article and how related is it to the target company.

News and Blog Extraction

Along-side extracting concepts and keywords, Syfter detects news articles, blog posts and press releases that have been published on the website and continuously ingests them into your campaign.

News Signal Classification

Using natural language processing, Syfter is able to understand the subject of a news article and extracts signals such as board changes, acquisitions, product launches, etc.

News Summarization

Syfter allows to you quickly understand the content of an article via auto generated summaries. These summeries are displayed against each recommended article within the platform and also used in our daily snapshot emails.

Make Syfter unique to you with custom models

Syfter provides a platform for you to add custom Machine Learning models, bottling your unique origination or research thesis. This generates unique Intellectual Property for your firm with continuously evolving and improving performance over time.

Example Data Integrations

Syfter is a very versatile platform that monitor companies or topics across a wide range of data sources and types. Our unique company and topic matching algorithms and machine learning models, along with our modular ingestion engine means we can bring in data from any data services that you already subscribe to, bringing all your data into a single, easy to use platform. We can also build unique connectors to your internal data sources, helping you bring in unique insight that will help you gain competitive advantage.

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