Syfter uses Artificial Intelligence* to help you discover and monitor companies and topics of interest through signals in the news.

*Named entity recognition and coreference resolution, topic modelling, text classification & hybrid recommendation engines - with more coming soon.

This could be finding a target company for deal origination, identifying the next hot topic within an industry, or sourcing a new B2B sales opportunity. In all cases, Syfter facilitates the daily monitoring of all your companies of interest, providing vital intel to differentiate your pipeline management.

Innovation research

We’ve configured Syfter to help Pharma clients discover hot new innovations in the world of Pharma Tech, staying on top of a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Deal origination

With Syfter we’ve empowered origination teams to significantly boost their productivity and track companies through the investment funnel with near real-time insights.

B2B Sales sourcing

We are helping customers find new business development opportunities by tracking people and businesses of interest.

Who is Syfter for?

Syfter has been built for analysts, researchers and sales teams who are looking to improve the efficacy and efficiency of their sector research, business intelligence gathering and lead generation.


Be the first to know

Syfter's web scraper and AI models are able to analyse millions of company websites in near real-time, detecting the news, blogs & press releases posted on them each day and then classifying them into topics of interest based on commercial soft signals, summarizing them into bite size chunks and also filtering out all the noise.

Syfter also uniquely uses text from each website and news source to build a 360 model of a company to more accurately assign them to relevant sectors, match them with third party news sources mentions and where required, find similar companies based on their activity and the terminology on their website.​


Our clients love Syfter because it makes their research more productive. It's easily configurable to their specific research campaign. Furthermore, we then work with them to make their Syfter into an UNIQUE ASSET by incorporating machine learning models -wholly owned by our clients - and created from their own subject matter expertise.

We work with our clients to train unique algorithms to surface the signals and information that's important to them. These algorithms are of course fully owned by each client we work with.

Syfter can run your own custom machine learning models against the data ingested, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage with your own unique approach to the soft signals you want to detect.


Helping you work smarter

No more wasting time scouring the internet for signs in the news that will affect your business decisions. Syfter works 24/7 to find the news signals that you are looking for.

Book a free walkthrough to see how the Syfter platform could work for you.


Syfter AI – News intelligence automation.
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