Our technology

Out of the box, Syfter core technology is built to detect news, blogs, insights from company websites. It includes a number of powerful NLP models that solve many of the problems of disambiguating company news and more accurately matching companies to 3rd party sources.

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Recommendation Engine

At the core of Syfter is a recommendation engine that continuously learns what content and companies are most relevant to you based on your interactions with the product.

Company Modelling

Using content from company websites, Syfter builds a model of each company, extracting keywords and concepts to help the platform get a deep understanding of each company. It also classifies the company into a sector.

Company Matching

Using the company models, Syfter is able to match company mentions within third-party sources. It does this via fuzzy matching and by analysing terminology used within an article and how related it is to the target company.

News Signal Classification

Using natural language processing, Syfter is able to understand the subject of a news article and extracts signals such as board changes, acquisitions, product launches, and much more

News and Blog Extraction

Alongside extracting concepts and keywords, Syfter detects news articles, blog posts and press releases that have been published on company websites and continuously ingests them into your campaign.

News Summarization

Syfter allows you to quickly understand the content of an article via auto-generated summaries. Summaries are displayed against each recommended article within the platform and also used in your daily snapshot emails.

Daily Emails

Syfter allows you to issue a daily summary email to showcase the highlights of a campaign output in the previous 24 hours. This can be configured to a range of users across the company.

Our Roadmap

Syfter is a very versatile platform that monitors companies & topics across a wide range of data sources and types. Our unique company and topic matching algorithms and machine learning models, along with our modular ingestion engine means we can bring in data from any data services that you already subscribe to, bringing all your data into a single, easy to use platform. We can also build unique connectors to your internal data sources, helping you bring in unique insight that will help you gain a competitive advantage.

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