A dedicated professional services team, delivering custom solutions with Syfter technologies - and data science domain expertise to deliver machine learning capability for firms.

Data Consultancy

Our team of data scientists and analysts help our customers clean and structure their data and train models for use in Syfter.

Data Annotation

We can handle the task of labeling data for our customers – a crucial task for machine learning as our data scientists need to use clean, annotated data to train machine learning models.

Custom Integrations

We help our customers with CRM integrations, customer connectors to internal data sources  and API configuration from 3rd party news sources.

Custom Solutions

Our software engineering team support clients with custom development using Syfter APIs in existing solutions or support in building new solutions.

Research optimisation

We offer Python analysis of data as well as consultancy to combine data science to understand a topic in more detail.

Need something else?

Transform your deal origination and company monitoring processes with Syfter technology.

Syfter AI – Automating Deal Origination for Private Equity Firms
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