Use Cases - Deal Origination and beyond

Find out how Syfter is being used by businesses to automate the gathering of intelligence on companies and sectors of interest.

Deal origination for private equity firms

PE is an intensely competitive and research-intensive sector. Firms need to cover target sectors and companies using qualitative judgment as well as complex quantitative models, which are defined by the firms’ investment criteria. Typically, one member of staff will cover 15-25 companies to really track that company closely. This makes it hard for mid-market firms to cover their whole market, and as a result, it is difficult to find every relevant opportunity and generate above-market returns.

Syfter allows firms to cover more ground in deal origination research while analysing more data points in initial and follow-up investment decisions. Custom ML models can be integrated to replicate parts of the firm's investment thesis. Syfter can also be connected with CRM systems to provide insight on portfolios and funnels in real-time. Instead of tracking a handful of companies, firms can track all companies which meet their investment criteria without needing to grow the size of their team.

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Innovation research in pharma

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are in a highly competitive marketplace. With high levels of investment and significant resources at stake, they need to keep a watch on both what is happening in their sector and what is happening in emerging technologies and consumer behaviour that may impact their investments.

Syfter can be easily configured for Pharma Marketing teams to track sectors and enable market monitoring across a wide range of topic areas. From Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Augmented and Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Voice Assistants and Smart Home.

Tracking the activity of companies within sectors can provide marketers with a consistent flow of information on the competitive landscape within countries and regions.

Specialist digital media sources can be tapped using RSS feeds or accessed directly using the built-in web scraping tools in the Syfter platform. Syfter can also be configured to accept business news feeds from providers such as Dow Jones and Bloomberg.

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Intelligence for B2B sales sourcing

Syfter helps businesses to find their next customer - as well as be on top of market developments around current and future competitors. Configure Syfter to follow companies, signals and sectors of interest.

It simplifies and automates market intelligence gathering. Whatever you are researching, Syfter can be pointed at data sources and run search terms including companies, topics and entities.

Syfter helps you uncover opportunities and risks quickly so you can be the first to act on them.

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